Welcome to A Clever Spark!
The Art, Design and Creations of Michal Sparks.
A Clever Sparks is an unique boutique where art takes the form of useful creations, clever gifts and inspiring pieces.

A lifetime artist, I grew up in the arts, I am fine arts educated, I have worked in many different fields of art as a fashion designer, textile designer, illustrator and artist, so many different themes and materials find their way into my work.
However, one recurring theme in my work is recycling and upcycling, (something that artists have been doing long before there were words for it!) really just using unusual materials and what is available in inventive ways.

As art is a never ending journey, I am always creating new pieces and discovering new methods and ideas, check back often and follow my blog acleverspark.blogspot.com where I share tutorials on how to make your own clever creations!